WuTang Clan

Session 2

The morning after Picillo’s solo adventure following Ninnaran to her cabin in the woods, the party woke up in Wrafton’s Inn and headed down for breakfast as Picillo recounted the events of the night to the rest of the party.

As they were discussing their next move Za’pheal, an Eladrin wizard overheard one of them speak of Sister Linora and asked if they wouldn’t mind the company of one more in there journey across town to the temple. The party replied “Sure, you look trustworthy.” in unison and they made their way to the temple to speak with her.

Sister Linora thanked them all for answering her call for aide and described to them the dark premonitions she’d been having about a dark rift and visions of a death cult lurking somewhere in the area. She had some sense that these visions and the increasing kobold activity were related but wasn’t sure how. She also mentions that one of the towns people is reportedly missing, a man by the name of Douven who was headed to the Dragon Burial grounds to do some amature excavation. There hasn’t been any offer of a reward but Douven’s wife is looking for assistance in locating her aging husband.

The party decided that it was in the best intrest of Winterhaven (and their pocket books) to head out in search of the Kobold lair which had been serving as a base for the little reptilian monsters as they terrorized the trade route to Winterhaven. Arriving at the river just off the East Way, the PC’s engaged the kobolds and wipred them out in a mighty battle spanning the banks of the river and the surrounding forest.

One of the players collected a small dragon statuette from the dead body of a kobold wyrm priest, this by itself was not particularly unusual, however the underside of the statue’s base had a clear depiction of what appeared to be a ram’s skull giving the adventurers the impression that the real threat was not your typical dragon worshiping, ankle biting kobolds, but something much darker.

As the pondered the meaning of the ram symbol more kobolds burst out from behind the waterfall and began screaming as they attacked the adventurers, alerting the remaining horde in the cavern behind the curtain of cascading water. The band pushed forward behind the waterfall and stright into the kobold’s strong hold where they were met by much more capable foes.

The adventurers were caught off guard as they proceeded to battle the kobolds and hobgoblins that had been protecting the inner sanctions of the lair. The fight left Picillo and Redgar laying bleeding and unconscious, and near death. Za’apheal stood alone to face Iron Tooth, the leaded of the kobold briggins.

Iron Tooth and Za’apheal exchanged blows until they both were bloodied. As the troll raised his battle axe to ready what looked to be the final crushing blow Za’apheal incinerated the heaving adversary before he was able to fall his blade.

Session 1

Session 1:

Andy, Jim, and Erik were hanging out at the Guilded Lady tavern in the capital city of Deeping Dale, Highmoon.

The three met in battle defending the helpless traveler, Gevarian from being attacked by a gang of ruffians. Gevarian had been sitting alone at a table near Erik when the ruffian bandits entered the tavern searching for him. As the gang leader lifted him from the table by his collar, a medallion depicting the the symbol of Avandra.

Upon defeating the bandits, the small band of strangers were hired by Gevarian to escort him back to the town, Winter Haven which was a four day journey south following the East Way. The purpose of their journey was to aide Sister Linora the Priestess of Avandra, in ridding the region of a death cult which she had she had been having visions of.

The party was ambushed on the way to Winter Haven as they traveled along the East Way by a band of Kobolds. Garvin had warned them of recent and increasingly more frequent attacks along the road by these mischievous little reptilian creatures and now they were the quarry of their attack. It was during this second combat encounter that the adventurers began to learn to use each others strengths. The reptilian ambushers were quickly smashed to bits and left as empty scalely shells of bloody mess along the sides of the road. Andy, being the clepto-rouge the party has not yet come to fully understand, began looting the slimy remains of Kobold carnage for anything of value. Finding a small bag of copper coins, a beat-up dragon scale shield and a couple of child sized swords he threw them in his pack and the party once again headed down the road toward Winter Haven.

At the gates to the small walled village, the party continued past the welcoming guards and headed straight to the only local watering hole, Wraftons Inn to rest their feet and refuel on food and drink.


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